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Vlink2 Kit 1 Wireless Lavalier Mic System w/ IFB Talkback, Dual Receiver, DK3 Lav, Hard Case & More

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  • Wireless 2.4GHz lavalier microphone kit with a single, dual-channel camera-mount receiver that provides crystal-clear, broadcast-quality sound
  • Features a unique IFB Talkback communication between receiver and transmitter, Ideal for news reporting, ENG, talent cueing, and numerous other professional applications
  • Belt Pack Transmitter features mic and line-level input, 9-step input gain control, dedicated headphone output, up to 20-hour 2000mAh Li-Ion power with USB-C charging/powering and more
  • Dual-Channel Receiver features combo headphone out / IFB talkback microphone input, up to 19-hour 3000mAh Li-Ion power with USB-C charging/powering and more
  • A uniquely powerful & professional system with 328′ range, 360˚ antennas, vivid OLEDs, custom hard case, and DK3 High-Quality Lavalier with vital accessories


The Saramonic Vlink2 Kit 1 is a unique, professional, and powerful 2.4GHz wireless system that delivers broadcast-quality sound to cameras, recorders, mixers, and more. It features a unique IFB talk back communication system between the receiver and the transmitter. Ideal for professional broadcast TV news, ENG, interviews, film dialog, and so much more. Made with sturdy metal construction and neatly packaged in a rugged, watertight and impact-proof hardcase. The Vlink2 Kit 1 is an extremely powerful wireless microphone and IFB communication combo system that does the work of two wireless systems in one.

Professional Sound with Unmatched Communication Flexibility
Designed to do the job of two separate wireless systems; A professional wireless lavalier system with a dual-channel receiver, and a Wireless IFB communication system. The Vlink2 allows talent to wear only one belt pack transceiver while transmitting a high-quality microphone signal to the camera and receiving a reliable IFB talkback to the talent. Allowing the Director to give cues, direction, and feedback to the talent in real-time, as the talent performs. It features an impressive operating range of up to 328-feet (100m) line-of-sight, and a system runtime of up to 19-hours, giving users the range and power needed for professional applications, with unrivaled flexibility.

DK3 Premium Lavaliers
Included is a DK3A high-quality 4mm omnidirectional lavalier microphone, designed to greatly enhance the sound quality of your productions with their truly excellent sonic performance. Specially tailored for dialog, it delivers a crisp, full-frequency response and increased vocal intelligibility. It features 360-degrees of sound pickup, ideal for capturing natural sounding dialog for video productions, interviews, speech, and many other applications. Deigned with a premium, professional look, it looks great on camera and is easily concealed. Also included is an unmatched lavalier accessory suite with a 2x alligator-style mic clips, 1x metal mesh windscreen, 2x fitted foam windscreens, 2x furry high-wind windscreens and 1x cable wrap.

An Incredibly Powerful and Unique Wireless System
The Vlink2 Kit 1 is the most feature packed, wireless 2.4GHz lavalier system with IFB Communication on the market today. It offers innovative features, performance and flexibility that drastically set it apart from the competition, while delivering crystal-clear professional sound. An optional Vlink2 HU Handheld Microphone is also available to further expand its power.

Item Includes

1 x Vlink2 RX Receiver
1 x Vlink2 TX Transmitter
1 x DK3 Omnidirectional Lavalier Microphone
2 x Alligator-Style Mic Clips
1 x Metal Mesh Windscreens
2 x Foam Windscreens with Fitted Gaskets
2 x High-Wind Furry Windscreens with Elastic Fastening Clasps
1 x Reusable Cable Wrap
1 x Earbud Headphone (IFB Talkback and Monitoring Function)
2 x USB-A to USB-C Charging Cables
1 x Locking 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS Output Cable (SR-UM10-C35)
1 x Locking 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRRS Output Cable (SR-PMC2)
1 x Cold Shoe Mount Adapter
3 x Detachable Antenna
2 x Belt Clips
1 x SR-C6 Custom Impact-Proof & Watertight Case
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card

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3.34lb / 1.514kg

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