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SR-WS2 High-Wind Furry Windscreens (3-Pack) for Lavalier 6-8mm in Diameter and all Saramonic Lavs

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  • Designed for all Saramonic Lavaliers and most standard lavalier microphones lavaliers between 6-8mm in diameter
  • Drastically improves wind diffusion and reduces wind noise up-to 40dB
  • Slips over lavalier and stays secure with elastic fastening bands
  • Works with SR-M1, DK3, SR-UM10-M1, SR-UM9-M1, WM4C-M1 Lavs (included with Blink 500, UwMic9, UwMic9S, SR-WM2100 VmicLink5, UwMic10, Blink 800 and UwMic15)
  • Works with all LavMicro Series, DK4, DK5, LavMic and more


The Saramonic SR-WS2 is a 3-pack of furry windscreens for lavaliers. Designed for use outdoors and in higher wind conditions when a foam windscreen just won’t do. Drastically improves wind diffusion, over a standard foam or metal mesh windscreen and reduces wind noise up-to 40dB.

For All Saramonic Lavaliers and Most Other Lavaliers
Ideal for all the Saramonic lavaliers and most standard-sized lavalier microphones between 6-8mm in diameter. An ideal accessory for the lavaliers included with Blink500, Blink500 Pro, UwMic9, UwMic9S, VmicLink5, SR-WM4C, SR-WM2100, Blink800 and UwMic15 wireless systems, and the LavMicro, DK3, DK4, DK5 and LavMic series lavaliers.

Easy-to-Use and Stays Put
Simply slide the furry windscreen over the lavalier, or lavalier and foam windscreen and tighten the elastic fastening band. The SR-WS2 furry windscreen is quick to use and stays securely attached to the lavalier.

Item Includes

3 x SR-WS2 Furry Windscreens


0.04lb / 0.0197kg

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