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SR-C2003 Female 3.5mm TRS to USB-C Stereo or Mono Microphone & Audio Input Adapter for USB-C Devices

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  • Easily record microphones, wireless microphone receivers, audio recorders, mixers, and much more into the USB-C port of Smartphones, Tablets and Computers
  • Records in mono, or stereo sound and 3.5mm connector provides plug-in power to microphones, for compatibility with a wide array of microphones, including popular on-camera video mics
  • Ideal input audio adapter for Android Smartphones or Tablets, Computers, and iOS Devices with USB-C, and other USB-C mobile devices; The SR-C2003 does not output audio to external devices
  • Female 3.5mm TRS connector is gold-plated to provide the best possible signal transfer and resist corrosion, made with high-quality components
  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to bring everywhere with a 9-inch (22.86cm) cable length and weighing only 0.2oz (6g)


The Saramonic SR-C2003 is a is a powerful audio input adapter for USB-C devices with an USB-C connector on one end, and a female 3.5mm TRS input jack on the other. Allowing users to record the output of microphones, wireless mic receivers, audio mixers, and other audio sources in mono or stereo into to the USB-C port of Smartphones, Tablets, Computers and much more.

Microphone Input Cable with Plug-In Power for USB-C Devices
The SR-C2003 is a perfect adapter to connect to the male 3.5mm output cable from microphones or wireless microphone receivers into your USB-C device. Want to connect a mini shotgun microphone directly to your Android Smartphone? Need to connect a wireless microphone receiver directly to your Laptop? The SR-C2003 can handle all that and so much more. It also provides plug-in power to your microphones, which is vital for many popular on-camera video microphones.

Versatile USB-C Input Cable for Audio Mixers, Recorders and Other Audio Devices
The SR-C2003 does not stop with microphones. You can also connect to the 3.5mm TRS output cable of audio mixers, recorders, or any audio source into your device’s USB-C port. Perfect for recording the output of any audio source directly into your USB-C device.
*The SR-C2003 does not output audio to external devices*

Record or Stream Professional Audio Sources to your Apps with Ease
Whether you’re recording an on-camera microphone into your Android Smartphone for a video shoot, or an audio mixer into your iPad Pro for a live stream, the SR-C2003 makes it easy. Simply plug the output cable from a mic or audio source into the SR-C2003, plug it into your USB-C device, open the recording, video, or streaming app and the SR-C2003 will input your audio into the app of your choice. *App Must Support External USB-C Audio*

Stereo or Mono recording, for so many possibilities
The SR-C2003 also allows you to record to your device in mono or stereo sound. Perfect for mono, or stereo microphones, mono summed output, or dual mono out from dual wireless receivers, like the UwMic9 system, stereo, or mono audio feeds from a mixer and so much more. You can even use the SR-C2003 to record the output of a record player or audio cassette player to the USB-C port on a computer to digitize analog media.

High-Quality, Lightweight, and Built to Last
The SR-C2003 is a high-quality cable, and all the connectors are gold plated, which provides the best possible signal transfer and resists corrosion. It is remarkably compact and lightweight at 3” (7.62 cm) in length and weighing only 0.2oz (6g). It’s an ideal problem

Item Includes

1 x SR-C2003 Female 3.5mm TRS to Male USB-C Cable Adapter


0.01lb / 0.01kg

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