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SR-RF5M Microphone Isolation Shield & Reflection Filter for Recording in Untreated Environments

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  • Lightweight and compact solution for isolated microphone recording in untreated spaces and rooms and environments with less-than-ideal acoustics
  • Ideal for recording Podcasts, Vocal Performances, Voiceovers, Live Streams, Broadcasts, Instruments and much more
  • Perforated metal outer shield with interior high-density acoustic creates an isolated environment for the microphone, without extraneous noises or unwanted reflections
  • Easily record a tight, dry vocal sound anywhere, while rejecting external noise. Delivering vocal recording that is cleaner, easier to mix and control
  • Sliding microphone post and the stand mount are compatible with standard mic stands, shock mounts, and mic clips with both 3/8” and 5/8” threads options included


The Saramonic SR-RF5M is a microphone isolation and reflection filter. It is designed to improve the quality of vocal and instrument recordings when captured in untreated acoustic environments, filtering ambient noise, and helping prevent sound room tone from reflecting into the microphone. Perfect for getting the best sound out of your microphones when recording in home studios, bedrooms, offices, or rehearsal spaces. Giving you the tight, dry, and controlled sound of a microphone isolation booth anywhere you need it, and for a fraction of the cost.

Clean and Controlled Microphone Sound
Designed to isolates the microphone, the SR-RF5M defuses and absorbs unwanted reflections that can cause echo and disjointed ambient reverb. Give you a dry, clean, and focused microphone sound, that is free of unwanted ambient reflections. Resulting in a high-quality, dynamic recording that stands out in a mix, and can be more easily controlled when processed. Whether you are recording podcasts, voiceovers, radio broadcasts, and vocal or instrument performances, the SR-RF5M Reflection Filter is designed to provide an easy-to-use solution for improved acoustic isolation.

Compact, Lightweight, Foldable and Flexible
Mountable on any standard microphone stand, it includes both a 3/8” and 5/8” stand mounts. Because it is so lightweight, you can even mount it on a tabletop stand or boom tripod when using sandbags. The isolation shield is constructed of five foldable perforated metal panels are on the outside of the filter with pyramidal, acoustic foam lining on the interior of the filter. Because the panels are adjustable, this allows you to control how wide or tight you want the shield to be and allows you to store and transport it with ease. A sliding 3/8” mic mounting post with 5/8” adapter allow you to mount a mic clip or shock mount and adjust the distance from the acoustic paneling, accommodating larger microphones and selecting the mic’s positioning.

Item Includes

1 x Reflection Filter with 5/8” Stand Mount
1 x Connecting Rod with 3/8” Thread
1 x Connecting Rod Nut
1 x 3/8” Female to 5/8” Male Microphone Adapter
1 x 5/8” Male to 3/8” Female Stand Adapter
1 x Printed Manual
1 x Warranty Car


2.2lb / 1kg

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