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SR-MC8 Adjustable Lanyard Holder for 2.4GHz Clip-On Mic Transmitters; Blink500 ProX & Pro, Blink100, Blink 900 & Many More

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  • Mounts your mini clip-on 2.4GHz clip-on mic transmitter on a neck-worn lanyard, making it easy to have the transmitter in optimum position, even when there’s nowhere to mount it.
  • Ideal for using clip-on mic transmitters when wearing a t-shirt, sheer top, bathing suit, or nothing at all, and anytime you need to mount your transmitter in the perfect spot quickly
  • Universal Compatibility, Ideal for DJI Mic, Rode Wireless GO & Pro Series, Hollyland Lark Series, Saramonic Blink 500 ProX & Pro, Blink 100, Blink 900, Blink M2, and numerous other wireless clip-on transmitters
  • Adjustable and lightweight, designed with a specially molded holder with a clip catcher and pad strip to attach the clip of your transmitter to hold it securely
  • The perfect problem solver to always have in your audio bag, making it easy to mic up subjects quickly when it would have been nearly impossible because of their attire, or lack thereof


The Saramonic SR-MC8 is an adjustable lanyard holder for 2.4GHz mini transmitters. Remarkably simple, it solves very complicated problem for many 2.4GHz wireless users: “Where can I mount the transmitter on this subject?” The perfect accessory for mini clip-on transmitters, it allows you to position the transmitter and the optimum position on your subject, dead center a few inches from their mouth. It features an adjustable length and specially molded holder to hold the transmitter securely.

Ideal Solution for Mounting Mini Clip-On Transmitters on Not So Ideal Attire
We’ve all seen the videos with transmitters mounted on scrunched up t-shirts, mounted too high on crew necks, stuffed in shirt pockets, and sometimes tucked into undergarments. It looks sloppy, and many times doesn’t sound good. The SR-MC8 solves that issue by giving users a simple way to mount clip-on transmitters in the perfect spot, on any subject. Ideal for miking subjects who are wearing a t-shirt, sheer top, bathing suit, or even a birthday suit. Making it easy to mic up your subjects quickly, without struggling to position it or rumpling their clothing when positioned where you need it.

Universal Compatibility for Nearly All Major Wireless 2.4GHz Clip-On Transmitters
Compatible with most popular wireless clip-on mic systems like the DJI: Mic, Mic CE, & Mic Compact, Rode: Wireless Go II & Wireless Pro, Hollyland: Lark Max, Lark 150 & Lark M1/C1, Deity: Pocket Wireless, and too many more to mention. As well as the Saramonic Blink 500 ProX, Blink 900, Blink 100, Blink 500 Pro, and Blink M2 transmitters. If you use modern 2.4GHz mini wireless systems, the SR-MC8 is a perfect problem solver to always have in your audio bag for when you need it.

Adjustable and Secure Mounting that is Extremely Lightweight
The SR-MC8 features a universal design with a specially molded holder with a clip catcher to attach the clip of your transmitter to hold it securely. A soft pad strip rests against your transmitter’s back side, keeping it snuggly in place and ensuring it does not scratch your transmitter. The lanyard’s neck loop has three adjustment points that allow you to shorten or lengthen the lanyard to position the transmitter in the subject’s sweet spot for optimum audio capture. And at less than a quarter of an ounce (7g), the SR-MC8 is featherweight, making it extremely comfortable to wear even for long shoots.

Item Includes

1 x SR-MC8 Lanyard Transmitter Holder


0.04lb / 0.02kg

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