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Roadieographer Content Creation Kit: Audio/Video/Photography Kit for Musicians & Bands

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  • Portable and Flexible Audio/Video/Photography Kit for Musicians capturing video and still images at home, in studio, or at the show, with smartphone or camera.
  • Features Benro PP1 Pocket Pod tabletop tripod/handgrip for smartphones, Action Cameras, or DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras for complete stabilization on the go.
  • Saramonic Vmic Mini, all-metal on-camera cardioid condenser microphone with both, TRS and TRRS output cables for Mobile Device or Camera use is included to capture pristine audio.
  • Includes the machined metal Saramonic SR-BSP1C Smartphone Clamp to hold your device with confidence for still and run & gun video setups.
  • All housed, protected and ready for travel in the included, padded and weatherproof Benro Tourist Camera Backpack.


The Roadieographer is an assembled content marketing tool kit for musicians and bands who are looking to step up their game and create consistent professional looking (and sounding) content for themselves, their fans, and their friends. This kit delivers an ‘all in one’ solution for the DIY musician to create that content without breaking the bank. It is unique in that it gives you the musician the tools to shoot either with Smartphone or Camera and provides you with a backpack to travel effortlessly and store your valuable tools. No other package on the market provides these benefits.

Portability and Security
The Roadieographer kit was created for musicians by musicians with the goal of putting the power of content creation in the hands of those who are creating the art. Creativity is often spontaneous, so being able to set up on the go is very important. The included Benro Tourist Backpack allows you to keep all of your valuable devices in 1 easily accessible place.
  • Weatherproof
  • Padded and Secure.
  • Foam modular inserts to fit any array.
  • Waist strap and top handle.
  • Room for Camera, Mobile, and Laptop.
  • Pockets on the outside stretch and secure tripods, mics stands, cables, etc.
  • Equipment pocket opens from the back for “Subway Security.”
  • Fits easily under aircraft or bus seat.
  • Main pocket opens from back of the bag keeping your items secure against you.
Flexibility and Stability
As many of us have invested so much into our instruments and other gear, often there is not a lot of money left for extras. In many cases that includes not being able to invest in a professional camera. However, these days most of us own some sort of Smartphone device. Most of these devices have the ability to capture amazing audio, video, and photo content. The Benro PP1 Pocket Pod tabletop tripod/handgrip allows you to stabilize your images and video for Smartphones, Action Cameras, or DSLR/Mirrorless Cameras and other devices. It fits quite comfortably in the hand as well when used as a selfie device or for catching the hard to reach angled shots. Adding a layer of depth and reality to your content.

Also included for flexibility is the all metal machined Saramonic SR-BSP1C Smartphone Clamp. This clamp easily mounts to the PP1 in vertical and horizontal arrays, while keeping your phone locked in and secure in all shooting situations.

Audio for Video and Beyond
As musicians and content creators one of the most important aspects of content creation for us is audio. Recording yourself or others in loud or soft dynamic environments can be challenging on any device. Having a quality directional microphone is key.

The Saramonic Vmic Mini is an extremely compact and lightweight on-camera cardioid condenser microphone that mounts directly to the included Saramonic SR-BSP1C Smartphone Clamp, DSLR/Mirrorless cameras, or any other device with a cold-shoe mount that provides plug-in power (no batteries required). It enables you to easily capture broadcast-quality sound at the source. It can be connected to cameras and recording devices with the included TRS cable and to smartphones and tablets with the included TRRS cable (For iOS Lightning or USB-C, you will need a dongle, not included). Vmic Mini dramatically improves the sound quality of your mobile productions whether they be video or just audio.

The all metal construction, precision cut body and unique shock mount make this microphone incredibly robust and durable. Its ultra-compact size allows the mic to be placed in areas that larger shogun/pencil condenser mics just won’t fit. If you’re shooting outside, remember to place the included double thick foam windscreen over the mic before shooting. This will protect your mic from wind and weather.

Because we all know, there’s no such thing as too much content.
Videos of Studio Sessions
Day in the Life Videos
BTS on The Road with 3XS Lite Gimbal
Recording and/or Streaming Live Shows, interviews, or Podcasts
Interaction with Fans
Vlogging or creating a video diary
Creating your own Music Videos with multiple cameras
Press Kit/ Website Pictures
Photos in Studio
Live Show Action Photos
Pictures of things you like or have in common with your fan base
Advanced artwork, body modifications
New or Available Merchandise for sale

Item Includes

Kit Includes:
Benro Tourist 200 Weatherproof Backpack (Black)

Benro PP1 PocketPod Tabletop Tripod

Saramonic SR-BSP1C Mobile Device Mount with Cold Shoe Mount

Saramonic Vmic Mini Camera-Mountable Shotgun Microphone
Fitted Foam Windscreen
3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRS Output Cable
3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRRS Output Cable
Information card
Warranty card


5.2lb / 2.36kg

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