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LavMicro+DC2M Universal 2-Person Lavalier (Lightning, USB-C & USB-A) w/ Headphone Out & Level Cntrl (Open Box)

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  • Compact dual-head digital lavalier microphone with 3 output cables for compatibility with iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac and PC computers and much more
  • Delivers premium, broadcast-quality sound for 2 people to videos, podcasts, virtual meetings, vlogging, livestreaming, and presentations to nearly any device in a lightweight and compact package that fits in your pocket
  • Built-in headphone jack lets you hear your sound no matter what device you’re using it with, level control wheel lets you adjust perfect levels every time
  • Both lavaliers feature an omnidirectional pickup pattern that capture sound equally in every direction and provides natural sounding audio even when the person wearing it turns their head
  • All of the connectors are gold-plated to provide the best possible signal transfer and resist corrosion, mic clips, foam windscreens and storage pouch are included


The Saramonic LavMicro+DC2M is a compact dual clip-on digital lavalier microphone set that can plug directly into your Apple iPhone or iPad, Android Smartphone or Tablet, Mac or PC computers and much more. It delivers premium, broadcast-quality sound for 2-people in a lightweight package that can fit in your pocket. It comes with three separate output cables: one with a Lightning connector for Apple iOS devices, one with a USB-C connector for Android and other mobile devices, modern computers and more, and one with a USB-A connector for Windows, Mac and computers.

Versatile 2-person audio solution for countless uses
The LavMicro+DC2M is an enormously powerful 2-person audio solution for so many uses. Use it to get focused, dynamic sound for your YouTube videos, vlogs and social media posts. Increase your sound quality and clarity for important virtual meetings, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Skype and so many more. Clip them on and start that podcast anytime when inspiration strikes. Get that once in a lifetime 2-person interview anywhere, without bring a lot of gear. The possibilities are endless. It’s an extraordinarily versatile dual lavalier microphone solution that isn’t going to limit your recording options or slow you down when you are on the move.

Record two people on so many devices, with one solution
We have so many devices in our lives that we depend on and use daily. Why can’t one 2-person microphone solution work with them all? The LavMicro+DC2M does, without skipping a beat. Use it to record a 2-person interview on your iPad, plug it into your laptop for your team to join a virtual meeting, record a video with your Android smartphone, post an Instagram video story on your iPhone. Because it has 3 output cables, the LavMicro+DC2M can handle all these tasks and so much more.

Every tool to get the job done
A dedicated headphone output is provided so you can always monitor your sound when recording using video or audio applications or hear other participants of a virtual meeting or conference call. No matter what kind of device you’re plugging into, it is up to the job. A built-in level control wheel lets you set perfect levels every time. All of the connectors are gold-plated to provide the best possible signal transfer, and to resist corrosion. Two alligator-style microphone clips are included to securely affix to collars and other clothing, and two foam windscreens will diffuse unwanted wind noise. A storage pouch with a locking drawstring that holds all of the components is also included for easy and protected transport.

Item Includes

1 x LavMicro+DC2M Lavalier Microphone
1 x Gold-Plated USB-C to Gold-Plated USB-C Cable
1 x Gold-Plated USB-C to Gold-Plated USB-A Cable
1 x Gold-Plated USB-C to Lightning Cable
2 x Alligator-Style Mic Clip
2 x Foam Windscreen
1 x Storage Pouch with Locking Drawstring
1 x Information Card
1 x Warranty Card


0.31lb / 0.14kg

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