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Smart V2M 2-Person Lavalier System w/ Lightning, USB-C & USB Output Cables for Mobile & Computers

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  • 2-person audio solution that fits in a pocket delivers professional broadcast-quality sound directly into iPhones, iPads, Android devices, Windows PCs and Mac Computers
  • Includes 2 wired lavalier mics (one with a 9.8-foot cable and the other with a 16.4-foot cable) and 3 output cables (Lightning for Apple devices, USB-C for Android, USB-A for PC and Mac computers)
  • High-quality built-in microphone preamps and analog-to-digital converter provide premium sound quality with no batteries or charging required for operation
  • Features ultra-compact design with durable all-metal construction, omnidirectional lavalier microphones with locking connectors to prevent accidental unplugging and stereo mode for music recording
  • Dedicated 1/8” (3.5mm) headphone output for real-time monitoring during recording (app dependent) and playback, integrated volume buttons


The Saramonic Smart V2M is an ultra-portable audio interface and lavalier microphone bundle that’s small enough to fit in a pocket, yet delivers premium, broadcast-quality sound for two people and can be connected directly to iPhones and iPads via the Lightning port, Android devices with USB-C ports, and Windows PCs and Apple Macintosh computers via USB-A ports. Professional journalists, vloggers, podcasters, and content creators can use the Smart V2M to capture perfect sound while shooting video, live-streaming, or recording audio in the field by connecting directly to their mobile devices or computers. This is an ultra-lightweight and completely inconspicuous audio solution that doesn’t make any compromises in sound quality.

Two high-quality wired omnidirectional lavalier microphones are included, one with a 9.8-foot (3m) cable and the other with a 16.4-foot (5m) cable to give you flexible positioning options. Three output cables are included as well. One features an Apple-Certified MFi Lightning connector for direct connection to iPhones and iPads. Another features a USB-C connector for Android devices that have USB-C ports. You also get a standard USB-A output cable for connection to Windows PCs and Mac computers. The Smart V2M features high-quality built-in microphone preamps and a premium analog-to-digital converter that provide the best possible sound quality, no matter what mobile device or computer you connect it to.

No batteries or charging is required to operate the Smart V2M. The ultra-compact design features durable, all-metal construction so it can travel with you anywhere. The lavalier microphones have locking connectors that prevent them from accidentally getting unplugged. The microphone inputs on the Smart V2M are also compatible with microphones that are wired with a locking 1/8" (3.5mm) connector that are wired for Sennheiser or Rode. Meaning, you can choose from hundreds of lavaliers, headsets and specialty mics in that wiring configuration to expand or enhance your system. A headphone jack is provided for monitoring during recording and playback, and dedicated buttons control the volume.

A Mono/Stereo switch lets you choose how the audio is mixed. Stereo mode is useful for keeping the two connected microphones on separate tracks, which gives you more options for how you can edit the sound in audio or video editing software. Stereo mode is also useful for recording music. Mono mode is often preferable when connecting a single microphone, or you want to mix both microphones into one stereo output for applications like live-streaming or podcasts. Sturdy integrated loops on the Smart V2M enable you to mount it to stands or your belt with included hook-and-loop fasteners. When you need to deliver broadcast quality sound without compromises using the most compact and lightweight equipment possible, the Smart V2M is a completely flexible solution that’s compatible with a wide variety of mobile devices and computers.

Item Includes

1 x Smart V2M audio interface
1 x Lavalier microphone with a 9.8-foot cable and locking, gold-plated connector
1 x Lavalier microphone with a 16.4-foot cable and locking, gold-plated connector
2 x Alligator-style mic clips
2 x Fitted foam windscreens
1 x Micro USB to Apple Lightning cable
1 x Micro USB to USB-C cable
1 x Micro USB to USB-A cable
1 x Hook-and-loop cable wraps
1 x Storage bag
1 x User manual
1 x Warranty card


0.55lb / 0.25kg

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