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Blink Me U2 | 2-Person Wireless Mic w/ Custom Recording Transmitters & USB-C + Lightning Receivers

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  • 2-person Wireless Microphone System that Delivers High-Quality Sound to USB-C and Lightning Devices like iPhones, Android Mobile Devices, Computers, iPads, and more
  • Transmitters feature a Unique Vivid OLED display with a Customizable Wallpaper User Interface, Allowing Users to Display Pictures and Logos, to Make a Visual Statement and Stand Out
  • Touchscreen Microphone Transmitters feature a built-in omni mic, 22-hr of Onboard Recording, Active Noise-Cancelling, 9-hr Runtime, Metering, Mute, and can be Mounted to Subjects with Magnetic Clips and Mounts.
  • Both USB-C and Lighting Dual Receivers are Included with Mono or Stereo Output, USB-C Charge-Thru, and a 3.5mm Headphone Out Adapter
  • System Includes a Compact 3000mAh Charging Case, Carry Pouch, 2x Magnetic Clips, 2x Magnetic Mounts, Screw-On Furry Windshields, Transmitters Screen Protectors, and more


The Saramonic Blink Me U2 is a next-generation, 2-person clip-on smart wireless microphone system that delivers high-quality sound to USB-C and Lightning devices. Its two touchscreen microphone transmitters with built-in omnidirectional mics feature high-definition onboard recording, active noise-cancellation, and settings control. They also feature a unique user interface screen allowing users to customize the transmitters with pictures, logos, and designs that help them stand out in their content. It also features both USB-C and Lightning dual-channel receivers with mono or stereo output, and a USB-C charge-thru / 3.5mm headphone output Y cable adapter. The system is paired with an exclusive App for even more control and customization features, plus video and audio recording.

Versatile Transmitters with High-Resolution Recording & Ultra-Clean Sound Built In
The Blink Me transmitters are compact and lightweight but are packed with features. They feature a built-in omni mic with digital gain control, muting, and include a furry windscreen. The transmitters also feature up to 22-hrs of multi-mode onboard recording with resolution of up to 24bit/48kHz, ensuring you never miss a recording due to signal drop-out and even let you record audio without the receiver entirely. The TX transmitters also feature an HD Active Noise-Cancelation function that delivers an ultra-low noise recording, focusing on the subject’s voice and eliminating background noise.

Customizable Touchscreen Interface: Designed for Creators Who Want to Make a Statement
The Blink Me features a touchscreen interface that gives users easy access to settings, allowing users to make quick changes to the transmitters’ performance. It also features a unique customizable UI wallpaper (via the App), ideal for those creators who want to make a visual statement. This allows you to display your company’s logo, social media handle, web address, your art, or even pictures of your loved ones and pets. This standout feature sets the Blink Me apart from other wireless systems and allows you to creatively standout in all your content.

USB-C and Lightning Dual Receivers Included! For Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, and More
The Blink Me U2 system includes 2x sleek, dual device-mountable touchscreen receivers for near universal compatibility. USB-C for iPhone 15, Android Devices, newer iPads, Computers, and any class-compliant USB-C Camera or Devices. And Lightning for iPhones and iPads. The receiver features 2 output settings: Mono mixes the mics, and Stereo separates the mics to left and right. It also features a USB-C device charge-through input, so you can power your mobile device while in use. A USB-C splitter adapter is also included with a 3.5mm Headphone Output for real-time monitoring and a USB-C input, so you can still power your mobile device.

App for Advanced Control, Customization, Video / Audio Recording, & Much More
The Blink Me U2 takes control and customization to the next level with the Saramonic App. Adding the Saramonic App allows you to customize the transmitters’ UI to feature a new theme or add your logo or picture. It also gives you control over the transmitter button functions, allowing you to change what the transmitters’ buttons do to optimize your production workflow. It also includes the Saramonic SmartRecorder built-in, giving you free full featured video and audio recording apps, an ideal app recorder for the Blink Me and other microphones. Both feature gain control, low-cut filters, noise-reduction, voice enhance, and much more.

Item Includes

2 x Customizable Touch Screen Transmitters (TX)
1 x BlinkMe USB-C Dual Receiver (RXUC)
1 x BlinkMe Lightning Dual Receiver (RXDi)
1 x BlinkMe CC Charging Case
2 x Magnetic Transmitter Clips
2 x Magnetic Mounts
2 x Screw-On Furry Windshields for Transmitters
2 x Screen Protector for Transmitters
1 x Headphone and Power Input Y Cable
1 x Padded Carry Pouch
1 x USB Charging Cable


1.34lb / 0.61kg

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