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WiTalk-WT6S 6-Person Full-Duplex 1.9GHz Wireless Single-Ear Headset Intercom System with Hub & Case

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  • 6-Person Wireless Intercom System for Professional Film, TV, Stage Productions, Sports, and More with True Full-Duplex Operation for up to 6-People
  • Lightweight and Comfortable Single-Ear Headsets with Hands-Free Operation, Gooseneck Mic Lever or Button Muting, Volume Control, and Rotating Earcup with Leatherette Earpad
  • Hub Base Station features Belt Clip and Tactile Volume Control allowing Hub to be used as a belt pack or stationary transceiver with included WiTalk-LBH Headset
  • Remarkable up to 1312-feet (400m) line-of-sight Range, Up to 18-Hours Remote Headsets – 3.2-Hours Hub Runtime on a Single Charge with Quick-Change Batteries, Included 10-Bay Charger, and USB-C Powering
  • Easily Expandable to up to a 9-Person System with 3x WiTalk-SRH Single-Ear or WiTalk-DRH Dual-Ear Wireless Remote Headsets


The Saramonic WiTalk-WT6S is a 6-person full-duplex single-ear 1.9GHz wireless headset and Hub Base Station intercom system for professional production teams. Ideal for multi-person film, television, stage, photo shoot, and sports productions. Its hands-free design enables a crew to communicate wirelessly, while being able to work unencumbered, moving freely throughout the venue or location. It features a remarkable line-of-sight range of up to 1312-feet (400m) and extended battery runtime, giving your team the range and power needed to get through a day’s production. The entire system is completed with a rugged water-tight custom hard case for travel and storage.

True Full-Duplex Operation with Simultaneous Communication for 6-People
Unlike some intercom systems that say they are full duplex, the WiTalk-WT6S is a real full-duplex intercom system. Allowing your team of up to 6 people to simultaneously communicate at any time. There are no limitations and how many people can speak at the same time, allowing your team to communicate efficiently and not have to wait for another user to stop talking. Much more powerful and effective then walkie-talkies, other two-way systems, and other “full-duplex” intercoms that limit your communication to 1 to 2 users at a time.

Lightweight and Comfortable Headsets with Adjustable Boom Mic Arm and Rotatable Ear Cup
The WiTalk-WT6S adjustable single-ear headsets and the WiTalk-LBH wired headset are all designed to be incredibly comfortable and extremely lightweight. They feature soft breathable leatherette earpads, enabling users to comfortably wear the headsets for a long production. They also feature a 270˚ microphone boom arm swivel, adjustable headband, and rotatable ear cup. Allowing users to configure the headsets how they are most comfortable, with the mic on their left or right side.

Hands-Free Operation, with Easy to Access Controls when Needed
The WiTalk-WT6S is truly hands-free, allowing users to work and communicate with ease, and without reaching for a push-to-talk every time they need to speak. Whether you are a film crew working with a director calling the shots, a stage team making sure the production runs smoothly, or a coaching team on the sidelines, the WiTalk lets you communicate clearly and not have to worry about unneeded controls. When you need to mute your microphone it’s just as easy as flipping the gooseneck mic up or pressing mute on the remotes’ earcup controller. Volume adjustments are just as simple, with easy to find up-and-down buttons on the earcup controller and hub.

Intelligent Design for Focused High-Quality Sound
High-quality sound is just as important as range and comfort with intercom systems, especially when working in a noisy environment like at a concert or on the side of a football field. The WiTalk-WT6S is designed with sound quality as its highest priority, delivering high-resolution sound with a 65dB signal-to-noise ratio, and a frequency response tailored for the human voice. The microphone is designed to filter out extraneous audio, so you are not transmitting anything but your team’s communication. And the over-the-ear earpads, make it even easier to focus on your team.

Extended Range and Power You Can Rely On, Indoors and Out
Operating in the less congested 1.9GHz spectrum, the WiTalk delivers a high-quality signal and extended range, without interference. It features a working range of up to 1312-feet (400m) line-of-sight, giving your team the freedom to work in large venues or locations, while still in communication. A full system charge gives you an incredible runtime of up to 18-hours on the remote headsets, and 3.2-hours on the Hub with all 6 remotes in use. A 10-Bay charger is included, allowing you to quickly charge batteries for your system, and inexpensive WiTalk-BP batteries are available (sold separately) to have more power on-hand when you need it. Each headset and the hub also feature a USB-C port to power and charge the system while in use with USB battery packs or power supplies.

An Expandable System for up to 17-People
The WiTalk-WT6S system doesn’t just limit you to 6-people, it is an expandable system that allows you to create an intercom system for up to 17-people. Add up to 3x WiTalk-SRH Single-Ear or WiTalk-DRH Dual-Ear remote headsets to make it a 9-person system. Add a 2nd WiTalk-Hub and WiTalk-Link Cable for up to an additional 8 more wireless remote headsets for a 17-person system. The WiTalk is ready to equip your entire team, even as your team grows. And you can even mix and match single and dual-ear headsets to suit your team’s needs.

Item Includes

1 x WiTalk-HUB Base Station
5 x WiTalk-SRH Single-Ear Remote Headset
1 x WiTalk-LBH Wired Lightweight Backband Headset
7 x WiTalk-BP 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery
1 x WiTalk-CB Ten-Port Battery Charger
1 x 12V/2.5A DC Adapter with US, EU & CN Adapter Plugs
1 x WiTalk Custom Lockable Impact-Proof and Water-Tight Hard Case (L)


14.67lb / 6.655kg

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