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WiTalk-BP Rechargeable Battery for WiTalk Wireless Intercom Headsets and WiTalk-Hub Base Station

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  • Quick-change battery for the WiTalk Wireless Intercom Headsets and Hub Intercom Base Station
  • Provides up to 18-hours of power to WiTalk DRH and SRH Remote Headsets
  • Provides 5 to 10-hours of power to WiTalk DMH and SMH Master Headsets (5 with 4 remotes / 10 with 2 remotes)
  • Provides 2.5 to 5-hours of power to WiTalk-Hub Base Station (2.5 with 8 remotes / 5 with 4 remotes)
  • Can be charged in the WiTalk Headsets and Hub via USB-C or in 10-Bay WiTalk-CB Battery Charger


The Saramonic WiTalk-BP is quick-change battery designed for the Saramonic WiTalk Wireless Intercom Headsets and the WiTalk-Hub Intercom Base Station. It features 1200mAh of power and can either be charged directly in the WiTalk Headsets and Hub via USB-C DC power or can be charged in the 10-Bay WiTalk-CB Battery Charger (sold separately). Quick-Change Power You Can Rely On The WiTalk-BP provides 1200mAh of power to your WiTalk components. A full charge gives you an incredible runtime of up to 18-hours on the DRH and SRH remote headsets, 5 to 10 hours on the DMH and SMH master headsets, and 2.5 to 5 hours for the Hub Base Station. The battery is easy to change, with a single button push to eject and can be charged in the headsets or Hub via USB-C power, even while in use.

Item Includes

1 x WiTalk-BP 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery


0.07lb / 0.034kg

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