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VMIC-WS Furry Windscreen for the Saramonic Vmic & Vmic Recorder

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  • Designed for the Vmic and Vmic Recorder Microphones
  • Slips Over Foam Windscreen
  • Improves Wind Diffusion
  • Dual Layered Wind Protection
  • Reduces Wind Noise up to 40dB


The Saramonic VMIC-WS is a furry windscreen that is designed for higher outdoor wind conditions, when the foam windscreen just won’t do. Its long-haired exterior and nylon interior provides dual-layered wind protection. Drastically improving wind diffusion and reducing wind noise up to 40dB.

Designed for the Saramonic Vmic, Vmic mkII and Vmic Recorder, it easily slips right over the foam windscreen. It is an ideal solution to get the best quality sound in high wind recording environments.

Item Includes

1x VMIC-WS Furry Windscreen


0.01lb / 0.005kg

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