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SR-MV58 Dynamic Handheld Mic for Live & Studio Recording w/ Windscreen, Clip & XLR to 1/4" Mic Cable

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  • Dynamic Cardioid Microphone for Vocal Performance, Podcasts, Speeches, Instrument Recording and much more
  • Built in shock mount system to prevent vibrations and to reduce noise floor and Internal Pop Filter to reduce pops and plosives for optimal sound quality
  • Wide dynamic range and -51dB sensitivity to capture the subtle nuances of vocals or speech at low volumes and can handle the loud volume of dynamic vocal performances and instruments
  • Built with a rugged, compact zinc alloy body with built-in off-axis rejection to minimize feedback
  • Includes XLR to 1/4" Cable, Adjustable Mic Clip, Leatherette Zippered Travel Carry Case and Reusable Touch-Fastener Cable Tie


The Saramonic SR-MV58 is a professional-grade Dynamic microphone ideal for live performance, studio recording and capture of a wide variety of vocals and instruments. Its off-axis rejection is remarkable, giving you a crisp, transparent sound while rejecting noise from the sides and rear of the microphone to help prevent feedback, especially on stage. Making it ideal for live vocal performance, speech, instruments and more.

Rugged and Ready for Demanding Applications
Built with extremely rugged and durable construction, the SR-MV58 is built tough. It reliably keeps up with the rigors and demands of heavy use on the road, on-stage, or in the studio. This Cardioid microphone features a built-in Shock Mount system and internal Pop Filter to help minimize vibrations picked up from the capsule and reduce pops and plosives, giving a professional clean sound every time.

Versatile Handheld Microphone for Live Sound and Studio Recording
The SR-MV58 allows you to capture all types of vocals from the stage to the studio, the boardroom to concert hall, the house of worship to the nightclub. Its pristine sound capture lets your vocal come to life with captivating quality. With its wide dynamic range and -51dB sensitivity allows you to capture the subtle nuances of singing and speech at low SPLs and can handle the loud SPLs of belting out a song, banging on the drums or a loud guitar amp without clipping or blowing out the mic. It comes with an adjustable 5/8” threaded microphone clip with a 3/8” threaded adapter allowing easy mounting to any microphone stand, a Leatherette Zippered Carry Case for travel, a Touch-Fastener Cable Tie and a 16.4’ (5m) Female XLR to 1/4" input cable.

Item Includes

1x SR-MV58 Dynamic Microphone
1x Foam Windscreen
1 x 16.4’ (5m) XLR Female to 1/4" TS Male Microphone Cable
1 x Microphone Clip with 5/8” Thread and 3/8” Adapter
1x Zippered Carrying Pouch
1x Printed User Manual
1x Warranty Card

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0.64lb / 0.289kg

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