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SR-EA2D Lightning Audio Interface w/ 3.5mm TRS or TRRS Mic Input & Headphone Out for iPhones & iPads

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  • Low-profile, Device-Mountable Lightning Audio Interface for 3.5mm Microphones with TRS and TRRS Microphone Compatibility and Plug-In Power
  • Ideal, Ultra-portable audio interface for Video, Audio, Streaming, and Virtual Meeting Apps
  • Input 3.5mm Lavaliers, Mini Shotguns, Wireless Systems, other Microphones, and Audio Sources into iPhones and iPads
  • 3.5mm Headphone Out for Real-Time Monitoring and Playback with Headphones or External Powered Speakers
  • Plug-and-Play to Lightning iOS Devices with No Drivers Required or Additional Software Needed


The Saramonic SR-EA2D is a powerful low-profile, device-mountable Lightning audio interface for TRS and TRRS microphones and other audio sources. Ideal for mobile content creators, it is perfect for Apple iPhones and iPads. It provides plug-in power for microphones and features a 3.5mm output for real-time monitoring (app dependent), and playback with headphones, or to connect to powered speakers. Ultra-compact, extremely lightweight, and easy-to-use, it is compatible with Apple iPhones and iPads with Lightning.

An Ideal Mobile Audio Interface for 3.5mm Microphones and Audio Sources into Lightning iOS Devices
The SR-EA2D features a female 3.5mm microphone input with plug-in power, and a tactile TRS / TRRS switch allowing you to use any 3.5mm microphone. Perfect to connect your lavalier, headset mic, wireless mic receiver, mini shotgun, or any microphone with a 3.5mm output. You can also plug in any 3.5mm audio source, or an external mixer, like the Saramonic AX1 or SmartRig+. It doesn’t matter if it’s TRS or TRRS, battery-powered or plug-in powered, the SR-EA2D is ready to record.

3.5mm Headphone Output for Real-Time Monitoring and Playback
Mics and audio adapters for iPhones and iPads are nothing new, but one problem exists with most: There is no way to monitor in real-time, or playback without removing the mic. The SR-EA2D solves this problem with a female 3.5mm headphone out, allowing real-time monitoring while recording (app dependent), and allowing playback without removing the interface.

Easy-to-Use with Plug-and-Play Compatibility
A truly plug-and-play device with no drivers or extra software to install. The SR-EA2D features plug-and-play use with Apple iPhones and iPads with Lightning. Simply plug-in to your Lightning port, plug in your mic and headphones, and start recording.

Item Includes

1 x SR-EA2D Audio Interface
1 x Warranty Card


0.02lb / 0.008kg

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