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SoundBird T3L 15.5” Supercardioid Shotgun Mic (Li-Ion or +48 Powered) w/ Shock Mount, Cable & More (Open Box)

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  • Advanced 15.5” long supercardioid shotgun microphone, ideal for professional film production that delivers clear, broadcast-quality sound with focused directionality, excellent off-axis rejection
  • 2x High-Pass filters (75 & 150Hz) eliminate unwanted low-frequency noise & rumble, a +6dB High-Frequency Boost adds highs lost with windscreens & increases vocal intelligibility, and a -10dB Pad
  • Powered by +48v Phantom Power or built-in Li-Ion battery with 150-hour run-time, illuminated settings & On/Off button that indicates remaining battery power level when double pressed
  • Includes must-have accessories: Premium Shock Mount with Replacement Bands, a Mic Clip and Stand Mount, Foam Windscreen, and a 1.9-foot (60cm) XLR Cable
  • Durable solid brass construction prevents radio-frequency interference, gold-plated XLR connector resists corrosion and provides the best possible signal transfer


The Saramonic SoundBird T3L is a professional long shotgun microphone with the advanced technology and sound quality of the SoundBirdT3 in a longer body with more focused directionality and off-axis rejection. It delivers clear, focused, broadcast-quality sound and provides a comprehensive set of includes a suite of vital, must-have accessories. The all-brass construction is extremely durable and helps to reduce radio frequency interference. Its long interference tube and ultra-low noise circuitry delivers natural on- and off-axis sound in any environment. The gold-plated XLR output provides the best possible signal transfer and resists corrosion. The SoundBird T3L is powered by either +48 volts Phantom Power or its internal rechargeable Li-Ion battery which provides power for up to 150-hours. At 15.5” the SoundBird T3L is the ideal size for use on a boom pole or stand, but also is capable of camera mounting for professional film and television productions.

Features and Controls to Tailor Your Sound
Several built-in controls let you tailor the shotgun’s performance to your needs and achieve the best possible sound quality in a variety of situations. Two selectable High-Pass Filters (75 and 150Hz) eliminate distracting deep bass frequencies like the rumble from HVAC, footsteps and traffic noise that can ruin a recording. A +6dB High-Frequency Boost compensates for frequencies that are lost when you use furry wind protection or in a blimp and increases vocal intelligibility when using only a foam windscreen. A -10dB Pad makes it possible to capture loud sounds without clipping. All of the buttons are illuminated so you can easily see the settings, and an On/Off button changes color based on power source and with a double press of the power button, the 5 button indicators show remaining battery power of Li-Ion battery. To ensure you can begin filming quickly even after you turn the mic off, all of your settings are saved when you turn the mic back on.

All Vital Accessories are Included
You will need many accessories to use your shotgun microphone properly, and instead of making additional purchases, all of these accessories are all included with SoundBird T3L. You get an SR-SMC3 premium shock mount with 4x replacement bands and a SR-SMC1 mic clip stand mount, allowing you to mount the T3L to boom poles, stands or even shoe mounts of a camera. Both feature 1/4”-20, 3/8”, 5/8” and cold-shoe mounts, allowing you to mount the T3L into any set-up or filming rig. You also get a 1.9-foot (60cm) XLR output cable, a foam windscreen, and a Micro-USB charging cable. You will have all of the essentials for capturing the best possible sound quality for your productions and be ready to start recording, right out of the box.

Item Includes

1 x SoundBird T3L Shotgun Microphone
1 x SR-SMC3 Premium Adjustable Shock Mount
4 x Replacement Shock Mount Bands
1 x SR-SMC1 Mic Clip and Stand Mount
1 x Foam Windscreen
1 x 1.9’ (60cm) Female to Male XLR Cable
1 x Micro-USB to USB-A Charging Cable
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


0.49lb / 0.22kg

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