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Wireless & Wired Microphone Solutions for DJI Osmo Pocket 3.5mm Audio Adapter by Saramonic

Wireless & Wired Microphone Solutions for DJI Osmo Pocket 3.5mm Audio Adapter by Saramonic

Apr 19th 2022

The DJI Osmo Pocket is a revolutionary handheld camera, but its biggest limitation is its internal microphone. While it's perfect for many scenarios, unfortunately when you get into a noisy environment or need directionality the background noise is much more than you would want.

Below we're going to review multiple solutions from Saramonic that integrate perfectly, for both wired and wireless, that won't weigh you down and will give you the best audio results.

Wired Solutions

Saramonic also offers a wide selection of wired lavalier microphones, perfect for when you want to focus on your message and not on the background noise. With the options of one lavalier or two, Saramonic has the lavalier microphones for your needs that will integrate perfectly with your Osmo Pocket.

The Saramonic SR-XM1 A tiny directional condenser microphone, perfect for focusing on your subject, or with a quick flip even focus on yourself. Great for vlogging, rejecting background noise or getting remarkable audio.

The Saramonic VMic Mini For those shoots that require a bit more reach and dynamic sound, the Saramonic VMic Mini is a small but powerful broadcast-quality shotgun microphone. Easily mount this mic on the Osmo Pocket with any shoe mount accessory, making it perfect for content creators looking to take the next step in audio quality.

Wireless SolutionsThe Saramonic UwMic9 RX-XLR9 With the UwMic9 RX-XLR9 dual wireless receiver, you can connect up to two professional wireless microphones to the Osmo Pocket. Users can utilize any of the UwMic9 transmitters, such as the TX9 Belt Pack, the HU9 Handheld, or the TX-XLR9 Plug-On Transmitters.

The RX-XLR9 also features a headphone output for real-time audio monitoring so you can ensure you get a great take, every time. With this receiver multiple system packages are available, or each transmitter is available separately.

When you want a high-quality professional microphone for the Osmo Pocket's mic adapter, look no further than Saramonic for microphones that integrate perfectly and sound remarkable.

To learn more about these wired and wireless microphone options, please visit . To listen to a comparison video of these microphones, please visit .

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