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Saramonic SR-VM4 Shotgun Microphone | Professional AA-Powered SuperCardioid Microphone

Saramonic SR-VM4 Shotgun Microphone | Professional AA-Powered SuperCardioid Microphone

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic SR-VM4. A professional, battery-powered on-camera supercardioid shotgun microphone, designed for advancing content creators looking to take their audio to a higher level.

The SR-VM4 is an ideal choice for DSLR, mirrorless, and video camera shooters who need the sound and performance of a real shotgun microphone. It features a full-sized, 5.5” interference tube that delivers the wider frequency response of a professional XLR shotgun microphone, but at a small fraction of the price, and with a 3.5mm output. Its supercardioid polar pattern provides focus directionality and excellent off-axis rejection of audio from the sides and rear, giving you focused sound on your subject and not the environment around them.

The SR-VM4 also features a useful array of audio controls that allow you to easily get optimum sound. It features a 3-stage gain control with a +20dB boost switch for achieving ultra-clean gain on cameras with noisy preamps, 0dB for high-quality preamps, and -10dB pad for cleanly capturing loud sounds without distortion. A 75Hz high-pass filter that eliminates low-frequency noise and rumble caused by HVAC systems, wind, or footsteps that can ruin a recording.

Powered by two AA batteries, it gives you up to 720-hours of runtime and has a power-on and low-battery LED indicator. Filled with durable ABS construction, the SR-VM4 is rugged, but at less than 5oz it's also extremely lightweight. An integrated shock mount isolates it from unwanted vibration noise when in motion and includes a camera shoe mount with metal 1/4”-20 thread, allowing you to easily mount it to cameras, boom poles, stands and more with ease.

Whether you are filming indoors or outdoors, the SR-VM4 is ready. Both a foam windscreen and a free windshield are included, allowing you to film with confidence wherever your running gun adventures may take you. The Saramonic SR-VM4 is the full-sized and full-featured on-camera shotgun microphone you've been searching for, all for a really remarkable price.

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