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Saramonic SR-ULM10 & SR-ULM10L USB Lav Microphones | Ultracompact Clip-on Microphones for Computers

Saramonic SR-ULM10 & SR-ULM10L USB Lav Microphones | Ultracompact Clip-on Microphones for Computers

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic SR-ULM10 and SR-ULM10L USB lavalier microphones. Compact, clip-on lavalier microphones with a standard USB output connector to capture clear, broadcast-quality sound; available in 6.6’ and 19.7' lengths.

Whether you need great sound for virtual meetings, you are a teacher or a student in an online class that needs to be heard clearly, recording a podcast or adding a voice-over to your video, it's so important to have a great-sounding microphone. Thankfully, the SR-ULM10 and SR-ULM10L make this incredibly easy for you, and your budget.

They feature plug-and-play functionality with no drivers or software to install on your Mac or PC. You just plug them in, select them as an audio source, and they are ready to use with your favorite recording, meeting, or online learning applications. They feature an omnidirectional pickup pattern, giving you the freedom of movement to express yourself naturally because it captures sound evenly in every direction- even when you turn your head.

Available in two cable lengths, the SR-ULM10 provides a comfortable length of cable for when you're close to your computer or seated, while still giving you the freedom of natural movement. The SR-ULM10L provides an extended length of cable for users who need to move away from the computer, ideal for teachers, presentations, or for anyone who just likes to move around while working. They both include an alligator-style mic clip, foam windscreen, cable strap, and a storage pouch.

The Saramonic SR-ULM10 and SR-ULM10L give you the tools you need to capture excellent sound quality in any situation in a package that fits in your pocket, all for a remarkable price. To learn more please visit the links below.

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