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Saramonic SR-R1 Mini Recorder | MicroSD Recorder with DK3A Lavalier

Saramonic SR-R1 Mini Recorder | MicroSD Recorder with DK3A Lavalier

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic SR-R1. An incredibly lightweight and compact belt-pack stereo MicroSD recorder with DK3A premium lavalier, designed for capturing high-level voice recordings.

The SR-R1 is ideal for recording interviews, weddings, film sound, speeches, incognito audio, and much more. The SR-R1 records broadcast quality sound up to 24-Bit /44.1 kHz resolution to a MicroSD card. It features a locking 3.5mm input for microphone or line-level audio in mono or stereo, and it also features a 3.5mm headphone output for real-time monitoring and playback. Powered by a single AAA battery or USB-C power, it features an LED display with a menu system that's easy to understand and navigate, allowing you to set up and make changes quickly.

The SR-R1 packs a lot of useful features in a lightweight, miniature, portable recorder. Its TRS input can record microphone or line-level signals in mono or stereo and provides plug-in power to microphones, allowing you to record virtually any audio source. Clip the recorder to your subject or drop the recorder anywhere you want to capture audio and the included lavalier will deliver fantastic sound. Connect it to a portable mixer for remote recording, or a DJ's mixer at a wedding or event. Attach it to a boom pole and connect a shotgun, or drop it on a stage with a stereo mic on a stand. You can even clip it to a shoe mount and use it on cameras that don't have microphone inputs.

But it does not stop there. Add a stereo lavalier, like the Saramonic DK3A2, for two-person interviews. The possibilities are endless with this flexible, mini stereo recorder. Its adjustable 5-stage mic gain and 4-stage low-cut filter control give you perfect levels every time. The SR-R1 offers features and flexibility that drastically set it apart from the competition. Ideal for users who need a stereo recorder that is versatile enough for almost any scenario and small enough to effortlessly bring everywhere, all for a remarkable price.

Whatever your audio and recording needs are, there is a Saramonic microphone for you. To learn more about the Saramonic SR-R1 please visit

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