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Saramonic SmartMic+

Saramonic SmartMic+

Apr 18th 2022

Smartphones and tablets are truly remarkable and are capable of recording extraordinary video anywhere we go, but often the audio quality just isn't good enough. People everywhere are creating exciting and engaging content with these tools, but creators and viewers often have the same complaint- it just doesn't sound good.

Great video without great audio is frustrating, and can sometimes be unwatchable. That's why we are introducing the Saramonic SmartMic+ series. Lightweight and compact microphones for smartphones and tablets that dramatically increases the sound quality of the videos you shoot.

Using the SmartMic+ couldn't be easier! You simply plug it into your mobile device and start recording, with no batteries to install or charge and no levels to set. The directional pick-up pattern is designed to capture sound in front of the mic while rejecting sounds to the sides and rear, meaning the audio that you'll capture will be focused on the subject and crystal clear.

The SmartMic+ can be positioned to easily take advantage of rear and front-facing cameras, perfect for use in selfie mode. Rugged and lightweight with durable metal construction, and only 40-grams, the SmartMic+ is a microphone you can bring everywhere you go. It’s well equipped for all your adventures and won't slow you down.

An integrated 3.5mm headphone jack enables real-time audio monitoring while recording, as well as during playback without removing the smart mic plus. Whatever your portable device, there's a SmartMic+ for you. Lightning for Apple iPhones and iPads, USB-C for Android smartphones and tablets, and TRRS for any smartphone or tablet with a 3.5mm headphone port.

The SmartMic+ is a compact, rugged and lightweight microphone for smartphones and tablets, delivering high-quality and clear directional sound to all your mobile video projects.

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