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Saramonic SmartMic Mini DI & UC | Ultra-Compact Microphones for Devices without a Headphone Jack

Saramonic SmartMic Mini DI & UC | Ultra-Compact Microphones for Devices without a Headphone Jack

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic SmartMic Mini Di and SmartMic Mini UC. Plug-and-play condenser microphones for mobile devices that deliver dynamic, broadcast-quality sound and dramatically improve your sound quality when vlogging, using video or audio recording apps, live streaming, creating YouTube content, or posting updates on Instagram or TikTok. Ultra-compact and weighing less than an ounce, they are a perfect way to record great sound anytime and bring everywhere you go. Just plug them in and open the video, audio, or streaming app of your choice and start recording. Soon you'll have a clear and focused sound that takes your content to the next level.

Packed with thoughtful features such as a compact, omnidirectional capsule with an integrated swivel, enabling you to point it directly at the sound you want to capture. An integrated shock mount helps you avoid recording unwanted vibration and handling noise. Powered by the device, they will never need batteries or charging.

Most importantly, they're easy to use! They are a simple and extremely affordable way to give your content a professional level of sound quality, available with Lightning or USB-C connectors.

The SmartMic Mini Di features an MFi-certified Lightning connection and is designed for Apple iPhones and iPads. The SmartMic Mini UC features a USB-C connection and is designed for Android devices, smartphones, tablets and computers.

The SmartMic Mini Di and SmartMic Mini UC are ultra-compact and lightweight plug-and-play microphones for all of your mobile devices, available at a remarkable price. For more information about these condenser microphones please visit the links below.

SmartMic Mini Di - SmartMic Mini UC -

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