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Saramonic LC-XLR & UTC-XLR Interface Cables

Saramonic LC-XLR & UTC-XLR Interface Cables

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic LC-XLR and UTC-XLR interface cables, designed to connect and record professional XLR microphones directly into your mobile devices.

The LC-XLR cable connects to Apple iPhones and iPads via the MFi certified Lightning connector. For Android users, the UTC-XLR allows you to connect and record directly to USB-C-equipped Android smartphones and tablets.

They're perfect for getting high-quality sound for your videos, interviews, podcasts, vlogs, and so much more. These interface cables allow you to record both professional, dynamic microphones or battery-powered condenser microphones to your device.

They feature a locking, female 3-pin XLR connector that prevents the mic from accidentally getting unplugged and a 19.5' cable, giving you plenty of length to work with. A hook-and-loop cable wrap is also included to keep the cable tidy.

Incredibly easy to use with true plug-and-play operation and no batteries, switches or settings. It is a purely digital connection using a high-quality, integrated analog-to-digital converter, delivering phenomenal sound quality.

The Saramonic LC-XLR and UTC-XLR microphone interface cables. A simple, easy-to-use way to record professional XLR microphones to iOS or Android devices, at a remarkable price. For more information please visit the links below:


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