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Saramonic LavMicro Di & UC Lavalier Microphones

Saramonic LavMicro Di & UC Lavalier Microphones

Apr 18th 2022

The Saramonic LavMicro Di and UC are ultra-compact, clip-on lavalier microphones that capture pristine sound quality and connect directly to your mobile devices. They provide a purely digital, low-noise signal transfer that delivers rich, broadcast-quality sound whether you're recording audio within a smartphone app or shooting video.

Both the LavMicro Di and UC microphones feature high-quality, DeltaSigma analog-to-digital converters incorporated into the 5.7' cable. This is an ideal length for selfie-stick recording or for tucking your device away in a pocket, providing excellent sound when shooting all types of interviews, vlogs, live broadcasts, podcasts and so much more.

The remarkable audio quality of these microphones is achieved with a combination of their superior microphone capsule, their high-end analog-to-digital converters, and their digital lightning or USB-C connectors. These microphones feature an omnidirectional pickup pattern, which is desirable when capturing dialogue. It doesn't reject sound in any direction, allowing the subject to act and move naturally instead of focusing on the mic position. And don't worry about batteries because the LavMicro Di and UC provide simple plug-and-play operations.

Whatever your device, there is a LavMicro that's perfect for you. The LavMicro Di is made for Apple iPhones and iPads with a Lightning connector. The LavMicro UC is for Android devices, smartphones, tablets, and Mac or PCs with the USB-C connector.

If you're looking for an ultra-compact lav mic with plug-and-play operation and pristine sound quality, look no further than the Saramonic LavMicro Di and UC microphones.

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