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Saramonic DK3A2 | Dual Clip-On Lavalier Microphone

Saramonic DK3A2 | Dual Clip-On Lavalier Microphone

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic DK3A2 dual omnidirectional lavalier with a locking 3.5mm TRS output. Ideal for two-person recording to portable recorders, cameras, mixers, wireless transmitters, and more.

The DK3A2 is an ideal solution for users who need two wired lavalier microphones without having to use a mixer or adapter. Whether you are using a single, portable recorder for two-person interviews, need to expand your wireless system to a two-person system, or want to plug in two lavaliers into your camera, the DK3A2 is the perfect microphone for all that and much more.

The DK3A2's lavaliers are recorded separately to the left and right output when recording to recorders, cameras and other devices with a stereo 3.5mm TRS input. This allows you to discretely record each mic to separate channels, giving you the ability to adjust the levels and mix each mic independently in post-production. The DK3A2 can also instantly expand the number of users of numerous wireless systems, doubling the number of subjects you can mic up without having to buy another system.

Specially tailored for dialogue, the DK3A2 delivers a crisp full-frequency response and increased vocal intelligibility. Their omnidirectional polar pattern provides 360° of sound pickup, ideal for capturing natural-sounding dialogue, designed with a premium, professional look, and is easily concealed. Included is an unmatched lavalier accessory suite with everything you see here so you're always ready to get great sound.

The DK3A2 is a simple and exceptionally flexible tool to have in your audio kit, all for a remarkable price. To learn more please visit .

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