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Saramonic CamMic & CamMic+ On-Camera Microphones

Saramonic CamMic & CamMic+ On-Camera Microphones

Apr 18th 2022

Throughout time, as camera designs and features have changed the on-camera microphones have remained relatively the same in both look and style, until now. With the run-and-gun generation as a clear motivation for design, Saramonic has created two very sleek and modern bullet-esque microphones for videographers of all kinds.

Introducing the Saramonic CamMic and CamMic+ on-camera shotgun microphones. Delivering clear, broadcast-quality sound to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, video cameras and mobile devices, the CamMic series surpasses the quality of the internal microphones on these devices exponentially.

There are two different types of CamMics available. There is the CamMic, which works with the camera's plug-in power and requires no batteries. There is also the CamMic+, which is powered by a single AA battery. This is an ideal choice for cameras or devices that don't provide plug-in power, or if you don't want to take up power from your camera or mobile device.

From novice to advanced videographers, the CamMics are perfect for the on-the-go, run-and-gun scenarios where a compact, lightweight, and versatile on-camera shotgun mic is needed. The CamMic on-camera microphones are ideal for content creators as well, capturing interviews, YouTube videos, vlogs and more. They're extremely easy to use right out of the box with plug-and-play operation. Just mount it, plug it in, and go! A standout feature of the CamMics design is the unique microphone shock mount. The rugged, integrated shock mount of the CamMics is robust and eliminates picking up any external vibration. A uniquely shaped, dual-layered windscreen and 80Hz low-cut filter help protect the mic from dust and weather and improve the intelligibility of dialogue in any situation by reducing unwanted, low-frequency rumble.

The CamMic and CamMic+ directional pickup pattern excels at capturing sounds in front of the mic while rejecting sounds to the sides and rear. With impressively solid construction, in a lightweight and compact design, the CamMics won't add excessive weight to your camera. They are also compact enough to use with smaller camera designs without overextending from the mount in either direction.

Two 3.5mm output cables are included for added versatility. One TRS cable for cameras and a TRRS cable for smartphones and tablets, giving you multiple device options. A built-in camera shoe mount features a metal, 1/4”-20 tripod thread at the base, giving you near-limitless mounting options.

The bottom line is that the Saramonic CamMics are unique in look, feature and feel, providing premium sound for your video productions at a remarkably affordable price.

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