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Saramonic Blink 500 Snow White B1 & B2 | Lightweight, Compact Wireless Microphone System in White

Saramonic Blink 500 Snow White B1 & B2 | Lightweight, Compact Wireless Microphone System in White

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic Blink 500 B1 & B2 Snow White Editions. Compact and lightweight wireless microphone systems for cameras and mobile devices that are remarkably easy to use. These microphones are like the original Blink 500 B1 & B2 systems, but with an all-new white finish on the transmitters, receivers and lavaliers. Just turn it on and shoot!

They deliver broadcast-quality sound without complicated menus and settings. The new, white finish makes them ideal for situations where the microphone needs to be discreet but still capture great sound. Ideal for mic'ing a bride for a wedding, an officiant for a worship service, or anywhere where white clothing and settings are used. The Blink 500 Snow White’s lavalier and transmitter virtually disappear into the white attire and surroundings. This means that when you use the omnidirectional microphone on the transmitter or the included lavalier the audience can focus on the subject, and not be distracted by the microphone and transmitter.

The Blink 500 Snow White Wireless Systems are available in 1, or 2 transmitter versions. The B1 includes one TX transmitter with lavalier, and the B2 includes 2 TX transmitters with lavaliers. Both include the Blink 500 RX dual-channel, camera-mountable receiver with TRS and TRRS output cables. Use the Blink 500 Snow White wireless systems with cameras, mobile devices and even computers, never getting in the way of your creativity, and never slowing you down.

The Blink 500 Snow White Editions are also expandable, allowing you to add an ultra-portable Lightning or USB-C receiver for mobile devices. You can even add the black TX transmitter and lavalier for when you need a white transmitter and a black transmitter. Not all grooms wear a white tux!

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