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Rode VideoMic vs. Saramonic SR-VM4 REVEAL #2

Rode VideoMic vs. Saramonic SR-VM4 REVEAL #2

Apr 18th 2022

Over the past month, we here at Saramonic have been running a market research project for on-camera microphones. We know that anything like this project is subjective, but we appreciate the feedback and opinions from all of you. Today we'd like to unveil the microphones behind the second mic challenge.

Microphone number one has been a great success since its release in 2004. An on-camera mic that finally gave 3.5mm camera users a real full-sized shotgun, that mic was none other than the Rode VideoMic; a terrific sounding powered on-camera mic that you may very well be familiar with. That leads us to microphone number two, the Saramonic SR-VM4, our most inexpensive 3.5mm full-sized on-camera shotgun.

In this challenge, 78.1% of viewers preferred the sound of the Saramonic SR-VM4 over the Rode VideoMic when set to equal levels and distances within our studio. Again, we know this was subjective, but we are still thrilled. We have always loved the sound of the Saramonic SR-VM4 when compared to the Rode VideoMic, we had to let you hear it for yourself and let you decide.

We feel the Saramonic SR-VM4 is a mic that many will love, especially because it includes a furry windscreen, is AA battery-powered and is less than half the price of the Rode VideoMic.

For more information and to hear the comparison check the links below. You can also hear the SR-VM4 for yourself at authorized Saramonic dealers. To learn more visit .

WATCH: Challenge #1 -

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