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Get Amazing Professional Sound with Saramonic's SoundBird V1 Shotgun Microphone

Get Amazing Professional Sound with Saramonic's SoundBird V1 Shotgun Microphone

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic SoundBird V1 Shotgun Microphone. A professional, supercardioid shotgun mic that is designed for filmmakers and content creators who need a versatile, real shotgun microphone that delivers premium, broadcast-quality sound and won't break the bank.

The SoundBird V1 comes in at a lot less than many popular on-camera mics with only 3.5mm output and is a huge step up in sound and flexibility. It also includes some vital premium accessories that its competitors don't have. If purchased separately these accessories would cost you upwards of $85 or more!

This shotgun microphone is perfect for video productions of all kinds, such as narrative filmmaking, interviews, sound effects, foley, newsgathering, and stepping up the sound on YouTube videos. The Saramonic SoundBird V1 is a supercardioid shotgun microphone that is powered by either 48V phantom power or a single AA battery that allows you to use it with devices without phantom power. These include mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and more. Its supercardioid directional pickup pattern allows you to clearly capture sounds both in front of the microphone and from a distance while rejecting unwanted sounds from the sides and rear.

The all-brass construction is both incredibly durable and helps reduce radio frequency interference, which is vitally important. Its XLR output is gold-plated to resist corrosion and provide the best possible signal transfer. The finish is both attractive and non-reflective, so you can be sure it won't catch the light and add a glare to your shots. At 10.7” it easily mounts to cameras, boom poles, studio stands, and more.

The SoundBird V1 has three dedicated function buttons. The first button activates the high-pass filter, which removes unwanted low-frequency sounds like the rumble of HVAC systems, footsteps and traffic noise. The second button activates the -10dB pad, which enables you to capture louder sounds without distortions. The third button is the on/off switch, which illuminates blue when it's being powered by AA battery, red when the battery is low, and green when it's being powered by phantom power. The SoundBird V1 also remembers all of your button settings when turned off and on, so you won't miss a beat.

Included is the SR-SMC2 Premium Adjustable Shock Mount. This provides every mounting option you need, such as 5/8", 3/8", cold shoe, and 1/4"-20. This eliminates vibration and handling noise and is needed for mounting on a boom pole, on-camera, or with a stand. Also included with the SoundBird V1 is a foam windscreen that diffuses brush and air noise when used indoors, and gentle breezes when used outdoors. A 2' XLR cable is also included, which is the ideal length for mounting on a camera. Also included are the four replacement shock mount bands.

If you need to outfit the SoundBird V1 with even more professional accessories Saramonic's got you covered with the TM-WS1 Slide-On Furry Windscreen, the Magic Boom Pole (a 10' 5-section professional boom pole), and the VWS Professional Windshield and Suspension System. Because it can be powered by AA battery, the SoundBird V1 can be used not only with pro cameras, mixers and recorders with XLR inputs. It can also be used with DSLR, mirrorless and consumer cameras, smartphones, tablets and much more with just a simple cable adapter.

To sum it all up, the Saramonic SoundBird V1 is a professional, supercardioid shotgun microphone that delivers a step-up in sound and flexibility from many on-camera mics that filmmakers and content creators are searching for. It's packaged with the premium accessories anyone will need, and all for a remarkable price.

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