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Get Amazing Professional Sound with Saramonic's SoundBird T3 Shotgun Microphone

Get Amazing Professional Sound with Saramonic's SoundBird T3 Shotgun Microphone

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic SoundBird T3 Shotgun Microphone. It's a full-featured, premium professional shotgun microphone that delivers crystal-clear broadcast-quality sound.

Designed for professional filmmakers, interviewers, sound effects, or foley artists and pro video productions of all kinds. It also includes a fantastic suite of vital professional accessories that no competitor has in its class. If purchased separately would cost you $125 or more! All this for nearly half the price of popular competitors.

The Saramonic SoundBird T3 is a directional shotgun microphone that is powered by either 48V phantom power or the 150-hour internal lithium-ion battery. This internal battery allows you to use it with devices without phantom power, including mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and more. Its cardioid directional pickup pattern allows you to clearly capture sounds from in front of the microphone and from a distance. Because it is cardioid it has a wider pickup area than typical supercardioid shotgun mics, giving users flexibility when micing multiple subjects when on boom poles, stands, or when mounted on a camera. All this while still rejecting unwanted sound from the sides and rear.

The T3's all-brass construction reduces radio frequency interference and is incredibly durable. Its non-reflective finish won't touch the light and add glare to your shot. It features a gold-plated XLR output to ensure the best signal and resist corrosion. Measuring 11.1" it's easy to mount onto cameras, boom poles, mic stands, and easily fit into blimps.

The SoundBird T3 has four dedicated function buttons. A low-cut filter that eliminates distracting deep bass sounds like the rumble from HVAC systems, footsteps, and traffic noise. A high-frequency boost that compensates for frequencies that are lost when using wind protection, and also increases vocal intelligibility. A -10dB pad makes it possible to record loud sounds without clipping. An On/Off button that illuminates green when using phantom power, blue when powered with the internal battery, and red when the battery is low. The SoundBird T3 also remembers your settings after you turn it off so it's ready to go when powered back on.

In the box you also get an SR-SMC2 Premium Adjustable Shock Mount for cameras and boom poles, eliminating any unwanted vibrations or handling noise. Also included is an SR-SMC1 stand adaptor for stationary stands, a 2' XLR cable and ID link for mounting to a camera, and a foam windscreen to diffuse air noise when indoors and for gentle breezes outdoors. Also included are a protective mic, storage pouch, a rugged hardshell travel case, a USB charging cable, and a reusable cable strap to keep your cables tidy.

For those looking to outfit your SoundBird T3 with even more professional features, Saramonic offers the TM-WS1 Slide-On Furry Windscreen, the Magic Boom Pole (a 10' 5-section boom pole), the VWS Professional Windshield, and suspension system. Because it can be powered by AA battery, the SoundBird V1 can be used not only with pro cameras, mixers and recorders with XLR inputs. With a simple cable adapter, it can also be used with DSLR, mirrorless and consumer cameras, smartphones, tablets, and much more.

To sum it all up, the Saramonic SoundBird T3 is a directional shotgun microphone that delivers premium sound and flexibility to professional filmmakers and content creators. Packaged with the premium accessories they will need, all for an extraordinary price.

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