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Features & Specs: Saramonic Vmic5 & Vmic5 Pro | On-Camera Shotgun Mics for Cameras, Recorders & More

Features & Specs: Saramonic Vmic5 & Vmic5 Pro | On-Camera Shotgun Mics for Cameras, Recorders & More

Apr 18th 2022

Introducing the Saramonic VMic5 and VMic5 Pro. Advanced, on-camera shotgun microphones for cameras, recorders, and other devices with a 3.5mm mic input.

Both of these shotgun microphones feature a supercardioid polar pattern, which provides focused directionality with excellent off-axis rejection from sides and rear. Designed with a full-sized 5" x 0.9" (126 x 23mm) interference tube and 14mm mic capsule, the Vmic5 and VMic5 Pro reproduce the wide frequency response of a professional XLR shotgun, but with a 3.5mm output and a much smaller, lightweight form-factor.

The VMic5 and VMic5 Pro are an ideal choice for advanced content creators, filmmakers, journalists, and vloggers who need the sound and performance of a real shotgun mic, but need a mic small enough for run-and-gun action. Built with durable ABS construction, these mics are rugged enough to survive the demanding world of video production and still fit in your camera bag.

Both of these VMic5 shotgun mics feature a 3.5mm headphone output to monitor your sound, which is a vital feature if your camera lacks a headphone out. They also feature a side-mounted 3.5mm output with a short, coiled cable. Because the cable is removable, it allows you to easily use any longer output cable or adapter in its place. An advanced, integrated shock mount isolates the mics from unwanted mechanical noise and vibrations when in motion, and includes a camera shoe mount with a metal 1.4"-20 thread. This allows you to easily mount the mics to cameras, boom poles, stands, and more with ease.

Whether you are filming indoors our outdoors, the VMic5 and VMic5 Pro are ready. Both a foam windscreen and a furry windshield are included with each mic, allowing you to film with confidence without the need to purchase additional wind protection. Both are powered by a 2000mAh lithium-ion battery with plenty of run time for days of shooting on a single charge. They can even be powered externally via their USB-C power input.

While both microphones produce a premium, full-frequency broadcast-quality sound for a remarkable price, there are a few features that set the VMic5 and VMic5 Pro apart. The VMic5 features simple but flexible sonic controls, a 2-stage gain control, 0dB for cameras and devices with high-quality preamps, and a +10dB for if you have a noisy preamp, or just need a bit more gain. It also features a selectable 150Hz high-pass filter to eliminate low-frequency noise and rumble often caused by HVAC systems, wind, or footsteps that can ruin a recording.

While also easy to use, the VMic5 Pro's audio controls are a bit more advanced. It features a 3-stage gain control with 0dB for high-quality preamps, a +20dB boost of ultra-clean gain for noisy preamps, and a -10dB pad for cleanly capturing loud sounds without distortion. Selectable 75Hz and 150Hz high-pass filters are available to eliminate low-frequency noise and rumble. Lastly, a +5dB high-frequency boost is available to compensate for frequencies lost when using the included furry windscreen and increases vocal intelligibility when using just the foam windscreen.

The VMic5 Pro also features a handy auto-power function, turning on the VMic5 Pro when you power up your camera and automatically turning it off when you power down the camera. The VMic5 and VMic5 Pro are high-quality on-camera shotgun microphones that give you the sound of a full-sized professional XLR shotgun, yet are still lightweight and compact enough to take anywhere.

Packed with impressive features and flexible sonic controls, they are ready to give your productions the best possible sound. All for a remarkable price.

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