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Blink 800 B3 5.8GHz Wireless Instrument System for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard & other 1/4" Instruments

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  • Professional 5.8GHz Wireless Instrument System with 1/4" plug-in transmitter and 1/4" plug-in receiver that makes any 1/4" instrument or line signal wireless
  • Ideal for transmitting guitars, bass, keyboards and other electric and 1/4" output instruments or audio sources to amplifiers, pedalboards, effects processors, or mixers
  • Specially designed to capture the instrument’s character and your entire performance, without loss of instrument’s attack, release and sustain
  • Incredibly easy-to-use with no settings or menus, just turn the system on, and start playing. It automatically changes channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts
  • 6-hours of runtime from integrated lithium-ion batteries and can be powered while in use or recharged in the field with portable USB battery packs


The Saramonic Blink 800 B3 is a 5.8GHz Wireless Instrument System for Guitar, Bass, Keyboard and other 1/4" Instruments and Audio Sources. It is designed to deliver a full-frequency instrument sound and performance from the instrument’s 1/4" output to an amplifier, pedalboard, effects processor, or mixer. Specifically designed to capture and wirelessly transmit the instrument’s natural attack and sustain that gives the instrument character and tonality. A remarkably easy-to-use solution for musicians with plug-and-play operation that allows the performer freedom to be untethered and concentrate on their performance.

Just Turn It On, for Great Wireless Sound
The Blink 800 Pro B3 is an ideal solution to give you freedom to be untethered by a cable while performing on stage, and in the studio. Because there are no settings or menus to have to worry about, it just might just be the most simple, professional instrument wireless system on the market. Pre-paired out of the box, there’s nothing to do besides connect your instrument to the TX-635 transmitter and connect the RX-635 receiver to your amplifier, pedalboard, effect processor, or mixer’s input, turn them on, and start playing. All of the complicated aspects of using a wireless instrument system happen seamlessly in the background, letting you concentrate on playing and getting a great performance.

Designed for Instruments
Unlike many traditional wireless systems that have an audio gate on the transmitter and receiver, the Blink 800 B3 is specially designed for instruments. This means the wireless transmission is always on, allowing for the subtle attack and detailed prolonged sustain that exemplify a fine instrument and performance. Allowing you to not have to worry about your strum’s sustain being cut off before the ringing ends, or your solo’s precision being muddied by a slow attack. Blink 800 B3 is made to capture your entire performance and has the stuff to not miss the fine details you spent a lifetime perfecting. Finally giving you the freedom to move with your music.

A Powerfully Advanced 5.8GHz System
The Blink 800 B3 operates in the 5.8GHz frequency range, which is much higher and much less congested than 2.4GHz, UHF, and VHF. It automatically and intelligently changes channels to avoid static noise and audio dropouts and features a strong 10mW of wireless output power, providing an impressive range of up-to 196.8-feet (60m) in open spaces. With up-to 6-hours of runtime from integrated lithium-ion batteries, you won’t be wasting money on disposable batteries. The transmitter and receiver can be charged with included USB to USB-C cables and even be powered in use or recharged in the field with portable USB battery packs.

Item Includes

1 x TX-635 Wireless 1/4" Plug-In Transmitter
1 x RX-635 Wireless 1/4" Plug-In Receiver
1 x 2’ (60cm) Female 1/4" to Male 1/4" Extension Cable
2 x 1’ (30cm) USB-A to USB-C Charging Cables
1 x Sheet of 36 Multi-Color Identification Stickers
1 x Printed Quick Start Guide
1 x Printed Manual
1 x Warranty Card

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0.19lb / 0.088kg

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