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Vmic Stereo On-Camera Stereo Microphone for DSLRs, Mirrorless, Video Cameras & Audio Recorders

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  • Broadcast-quality on-camera stereo microphone with built-in headphone jack, removable output cable, durable metal construction, and robust integrated shockmount
  • Immersive stereo sound capture, easy to use with a versatile array of features, +20dB boost switch for achieving ultra-clean sound, -10dB switch for cleanly capturing loud sounds
  • Low-cut switch makes sounds more intelligible and eliminates distracting rumble noises, high-frequency boost setting enhances sharpness and clarity
  • Integrated camera-shoe mount features a metal 1/4 20 tripod thread, rugged and robust shockmount, not flimsy and prone to bending and damage
  • Runs on 2 standard AA batteries with a battery door that’s easy to access and use


The Saramonic Vmic Stereo is a premium on-camera stereo microphone that delivers broadcast-quality sound to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, video cameras and audio recorders and provides a versatile array of features. This microphone excels at capturing the ambient sounds of nature, events, musical performances, interior spaces, and any environment where you want to immerse your audience in a place. With its tough, metal construction it’s always ready to travel, and with its precision stereo microphones it’s always ready to realistically capture the sounds of the world around you.

In addition to excellent sound, the Vmic Stereo also provides a versatile array of features that you won’t find on competing products. A built-in headphone output always lets you to hear your sound, even when your camera lacks a headphone jack. A second output is provided to connect the Vmic Stereo to your camera or recorder. All of the controls are easy to use and easy to access. It has a +20dB boost setting so you can turn down the noisy preamp in your camera for cleaner results as well as letting you pick up the action from further away. You can also cut the sensitivity by -10dB so you can shoot loud subjects or environments. A low-cut switch makes sounds more intelligible and eliminates unwanted deep bass noises, like distracting rumbling noises from vehicles. A high-frequency boost setting enhances the sharpness and clarity of the sounds you capture.

The included cable is removable, which means you can use any length 1.8” (3.5 mm) cable to position the mic away from your camera. Plus, the integrated shoe mount has a metal tripod thread at its base, so you can easily attach the Vmic Stereo to a variety of camera support products. A foam windscreen is included for indoor use, and for outdoor recording in higher winds you can use the VMIC-WS-S fitted furry windscreen that was designed specifically for the Vmic Stereo (sold separately).

Item Includes

1 x Vmic Stereo shotgun microphone
1 x short, coiled cable with gold-plated mini-plug connectors
1 x foam windscreen
1 x printed manual
1 x warranty card


0.54lb / 0.244kg

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