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Vmic Stereo mkII On-Camera Stereo Mic w/ 3.5mm Out, Level Control, Low-Cut, High Boost & Headphone

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  • Professional stereo on-camera microphone that features durable metal construction and is powered by 2x standard AA batteries
  • Dual cardioid capsules in an X/Y pattern, deliver an immersive, true stereo image with detailed, broadcast-quality sound
  • Features a rugged integrated shock mount with camera-shoe and 1/4”-20 thread for mounting, 3.5mm headphone output for real-time monitoring and 3.5mm camera output with coiled cable
  • 3-stage level control with +20dB boost switch for achieving ultra-clean gain, 0dB for high-quality preamps, and -10dB pad for cleanly capturing loud sounds, concerts and events
  • High-pass filter eliminates low-frequency rumble and bass overload below 150Hz that can ruin a recording, and the +6dB high-frequency boost enhances detail and compensates for lost frequencies when using a furry windscreen


The Saramonic Vmic Stereo Mark II is a battery-powered advanced on-camera stereo microphone that delivers immersive, full-frequency, broadcast-quality stereo sound to DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, video cameras, recorders and more. Ideal for capturing the musical performances, ambient sounds of nature, events, interior spaces, and any environment where you want to immerse your audience in a place. It features two high-quality cardioid capsules in a stereo X/Y position that reproduce a true stereo image in a compact on-camera microphone. It also features ultra-low noise electronics and versatile features that make it easy to optimize your sound for any scenario.

High-Quality Sound and Enhanced Control
The Vmic Stereo Mark II features an array of selectable audio controls that allow users to tailor the mic’s sound and performance to always get optimum sound. It features a 3-stage gain control with a +20dB boost switch for achieving ultra-clean gain on cameras with noisy preamps, 0dB for high-quality preamps, and -10dB pad for cleanly capturing loud sounds without distortion, ideal for concerts and rowdy events. A 150Hz high-pass filter eliminates low-frequency noise and rumble caused by excessive bass, HVAC systems, wind or footsteps that can ruin a recording. A +6dB high-frequency boost enhances detail and compensates for lost frequencies when using a furry windscreen, like the VMIC-WS-S (sold separately). All of the controls are easy to use and easy to see, even in low light conditions.

Rugged and Adaptable
Built with durable metal construction, the Vmic Stereo Mark II will handily survive the demanding world of video production. An impressively robust and virtually indestructible integrated shock mount isolates it from unwanted vibration noise and includes a camera-shoe mount with metal 1/4”-20 thread. Allowing you to easily mount it to cameras, boom poles, stands, camera cages and tripods with ease.

Headphone Monitoring and Expanded Connectivity
A built-in headphone output on the Vmic Stereo Mark II enables you to hear your sound, even when your camera lacks a headphone jack. And the 3.5mm camera output includes a short, coiled output cable to connect to cameras, mixers and recorders. But because the cable is removable, it allows users to use any 3.5mm TRS output cable in its place. Attach a longer cable for use on a boom pole, use a 3.5mm to Lightning (Saramonic LC-C35) to connect to iPhones and iPads, or 3.5mm to USB-C (Saramonic UTC-C35) to connect to Android smartphones, tablets and computers.

Item Includes

1 x Vmic Stereo Mark II On-Camera Shotgun Microphone
1 x Foam Windscreen
1 x Short Coiled 3.5mm TRS Output Cable with Gold-Plated Connectors (WM4C-C35)
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card


0.56lb / 0.252kg

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