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UMIC-M2 Compact Gooseneck Mic with Locking 3.5mm Connector for Transmitters, Cams, Recorders & More (Open Box)

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  • Compact and lightweight gooseneck omnidirectional microphone that delivers broadcast-quality sound, compatible with numerous wireless transmitters, cameras, portable audio recorders, mixers and more
  • Locking 3.5mm connector compatible with Saramonic, Rode, Sennheiser, Azden, Nady, Senal, Boya and more wireless systems as well as cameras, recorders or mixers with plug-in power
  • Attach to a wireless transmitter, or recorder and place on a podium, tabletop, or other area for a nonintrusive solution for capturing excellent audio
  • Attach to camera’s 3.5mm input for versatile, flexible and inconspicuous microphone. Ideal for vloggers, social media posts, YouTube videos, Action Videos, and more
  • Metal gooseneck can easily be positioned where you want it, and it will stay in that position and gold-plated output connector provides the best possible signal transfer and resists corrosion


The Saramonic UMIC-M2 is a compact and lightweight gooseneck microphone that delivers broadcast-quality sound and connects directly to a multitude of wireless transmitters, cameras, audio recorders, mixers and more. Even though it’s tiny and weighs only 0.45oz (12g), it features a high-quality omnidirectional condenser microphone that captures sound equally in every direction, which provides natural sounding audio, even when the person speaking turns their head, or when the subjects moves naturally.

Put it where you need it
You can't always clip a microphone to someone’s collar, or maybe you need to have a mic on a podium or tabletop to pick up multiple speakers, and sometimes you just need to place a microphone somewhere inconspicuous. In these situations, you need a problem-solving solution that can record great-sounding audio, and that's what you get with the Saramonic UMIC-M2. You simply connect it to a wireless transmitter or recorder and place it in front of the person or sound you want to capture and the positionable 7.6” (19.3cm) gooseneck gets the microphone closer to the sound for the best quality. Put it on a podium, a tabletop, at wedding alter, behind a plant, in front of a speaker, or place the microphone literally anywhere the person or sound is going to be.

Flexible On-Camera Solution
The UMIC-M2 is also a unique on-camera microphone solution that is ideal for vloggers, YouTube videos, Social Media posts, Action Videos and much more. Compact, lightweight, rotatable and flexible, the 7.6” (19.3cm) gooseneck allows users to position the mic in an optimum position and the mic can be rotated in the 3.5mm mic input to capture up-close dialog from in front of the camera or from behind it, and easily switch between them. It provides a dynamic sound that far exceeds the camera’s internal microphone quality and its omnidirectional polar pattern allows the camera operator to move naturally and still get a consistent vocal recording. Perfect for handheld vlogging with DSLR, Mirrorless, Action and modern Point-and-Shoot cameras with a 3.5mm mic input and plug-in-power.

Mixers and More
The flexibility does not stop there, the UMIC-M2 can be used with any 3.5mm TRS input that provides plug-in power. A fantastic addition to mixers, portable mixers and on-camera mixers to add a high-quality mic as an additional audio source, a wired safety microphone, and even a talkback microphone. And don’t think you are limited to the 7.6” (19.3cm) from the transmitter, camera, recorder or mixer that the gooseneck provides. The UMIC-M2’s reach can easily be extended with any 3.5mm extension cable, like the Saramonic SR-SC2500 8.2’ or SR-SC5000 16.4’ extension cables. Letting you drop this versatile mic wherever you need.

Item Includes

1 x UMIC-M2 Compact Gooseneck Microphone
1 x Foam Windscreen


0.03lb / 0.012kg

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