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LM-WS Furry Windscreen for Saramonic Lavalier Microphones (3-Pack)

SKU: LM-WS | Our warehouses are currently closed from January 3rd to January 10th and no orders will be shipped during this time. Any orders placed during this week will be shipped when the warehouse reopens on January 11th.

  • Designed for all Saramonic Lavaliers and most standard lavalier microphones lavaliers between 6-8mm in diameter
  • Drastically improves wind diffusion of lavaliers and reduces wind noise up-to 40dB
  • Slips over lavalier and stays secure with elastic fastening bands
  • Works with SR-M1, SR-UM10-M1, SR-UM9-M1, WM4C-M1 Lavs (included with Blink 500, UwMic9, SR-WM2100 VmicLink5, UwMic10, Blink 800 and UwMic15)
  • Works with LavMic, LavMicro, DK3, DK4 and DK5 Series Lavaliers and more


The Saramonic LM-WS is a 3-pack of furry windscreens for lavaliers. Designed for use outdoors and in higher wind conditions, when a foam windscreen just won’t do. Drastically improves wind diffusion, over a standard foam or metal mesh windscreen and reduces wind noise up-to 40dB.

For all Saramonic lavaliers and other lavaliers
Ideal for all the Saramonic lavaliers and other standard-sized lavalier microphones between 6-8mm in diameter. An ideal accessory for the lavaliers included with Blink500, UwMic9, VmicLink5, SR-WM4C, SR-WM2100, Blink800 and UwMic15 wireless systems, and the LavMic, LavMicro, DK3, DK4, DK5 series lavaliers.

Easy-to-use and stays put
Simply slide the furry windscreen over the lavalier, or lavalier and foam windscreen and tighten the elastic fastening band. The LM-WS furry windscreen is quick to use and stays securely attached to the lavalier


0.02lb / 0.011kg

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