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GMIC-WS Furry Haired Outdoor Microphone Windscreen for High-Wind Protection for the Saramonic G-Mic

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The Saramonic GMIC-WS is a furry slip-on windscreen that was specifically designed for the G-Mic stereo GoPro microphone. Action cameras are built for high-speed adventures, but when microphones are exposed to rushing air, they mostly pick up the sound of staticky wind noise. The GMIC-WS completely diffuses this moving air, which enables you to capture crystal-clear sound outdoors with your GoPro, even when you’re moving at extreme speeds. The rear of the GMIC-WS features a hook-and-loop enclosure that enables you to easily fasten it snugly to the microphone. This creates a seam that blocks wind from entering, and keeps it locked in place. The interior of the GMIC-WS features an additional layer of acoustically transparent material that aids in diffusing wind and works in tandem with the exterior layer of faux-fur. The GMIC-WS is an ultra-lightweight and ultra-compact solution for providing wind protection for your G-Mic when used outdoors for fast-moving action.


0.01lb / 0.0045kg

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